Jack O'Neill (Point of View reality)

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This article is about the character from the "Point of View"'s alternate reality. For the main character, see Jack O'Neill. For other uses, see O'Neill (disambiguation).
Jack O'Neill
This character is part of an alternate reality
O'Neill on a wedding picture
Biographical information
Planet of origin Earth
Death 1999
Cheyenne Mountain Complex
Race Tau'ri
Species Human
Information about family
Marriage Alternate Samantha Carter
Socio-political information
Rank Colonel
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Richard Dean Anderson
First mention "Point of View"

Colonel Jack O'Neill was an alternate version of Jack O'Neill from an alternate reality. He died in his Cheyenne Mountain Complex trying to defend the place in 1999.


This alternate Jack O'Neill was almost identical to the main reality O'Neill. He married Doctor Samantha Carter in 1998. Just when they were celebrating their first year of marriage, he was called back on duty as some Goa'uld ships were present in the solar system. The two of them went in Cheyenne Mountain Complex, leaving the table. There, he died before her eyes, executed by an alternate Teal'c (SG1: "Point of View").

Character's evolution

"Point of View" (1999)

In the SGC infirmary, Doctor Samantha Carter is confused when she sees Colonel Jack O'Neill, who is confused as well when he sees that Major Carter has changed (the hair). Dr. Carter states that she never expected that his "Jack" would be alive in this variation.

Later, when O'Neill tells Dr. Carter that her and the alternate Major Kawalsky can stay at Stargate Command, Dr. Carter starts crying and tells her Jack's story to O'Neill. O'Neill is getting confused. Yet, he understand her husband's loss and hugs her to comfort her.

After the Asgard have delivered the alternate Earth from the Goa'uld, it's time for farewell. Major Kawalsky says it was an honor to serve with O'Neill... again. Dr. Carter seems sad as this is her second goodbyes. According to her, her Jack had "the same face, same voice... same hands." Then O'Neill asks her why she could marry such a looser. She laughs and they stare each other for a moment, then Dr. Carter kisses him. She realises that O'Neill is really not her "Jack".


  • We don't see this character as he was already dead. We just see a wedding picture with his Samantha Carter.
  • The rank (Colonel) is visible on the picture.