Ra's mothership

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Ra's mothership
Col. Jack O'Neill, Dr. Daniel Jackson, Charles Kawalsky and Brown discover Ra's mothership landed on the Abydos pyramid (Stargate).
Production information
Manufacturer Goa'uld
Technical specifications
Fuel Naquadah
Control system Pel'tak
Crew Minimum 1
Other systems Transportation rings
Role Flagship
Affiliation Ra
Information non linked to the Stargate universe
First appearance Stargate

Ra's mothership was a spaceship used by Ra as his home. It has been destroyed on Abydos' orbit in 1995 by Colonel Jack O'Neill and Doctor Daniel Jackson, killing Ra and its inhabitants in the process.






Around in 8,000 BC, Ra's mothership landed somewhere in North Africa. Ra, looking for a host found a young boy. Soon after, he enslaved the inhabitants and built the Great Pyramids as landing path for his mothership. He put a Stargate in Giza and deported many people from Earth to Abydos. In 3,000 BC, Ancient Egyptians rebelled against Ra and the latter fleed Earth while the Stargate was buried. Then, periodicaly, he came by ship on Abydos, to get presents and naquadah from the Abydonians (Stargate).


Stargate (1995)

One night on Abydos, Ra's mothership is landing on the Abydos pyramid. Ra is waiting for naquadah and presents from the Abydonian population.


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