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New episode checklist

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Episode updates

Episode articles:
___ Episode screencap
___ Summary
___ Story

Update/add other articles/templates:
___ Update template {{Ep}}
___ Check Season Nb in {{Infobox Episode}}
___ Check Episode Nb in {{Infobox Episode}}
___ Check that links from previous episode work
___ Add
___ Update {{Fair use Screencaps}}

Character updates

Update main character pages:
___ Jack O'Neil
___ Daniel Jackson
___ Samantha Carter
___ Teal'c
___ George Hammond

Update other character pages as needed:
___ (list characters who appear here)

Add new character pages as needed:
___ (list needed characters here)

Actors/Crew updates

Update appearances on existing actor pages:
___ Richard Dean Anderson
___ Michael Shanks
___ Amanda Tapping
___ Christopher Judge
___ Don S. Davis
___ (list other existing actors here)

Add new actor pages as needed:
___ (list needed actors here)

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