Wraith (Duet)

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A character from Stargate Atlantis
Biographical information
Death 2005 (killed by John Sheppard)
Unnamed planet
Race Wraith
Status Deceased
Socio-political information
Occupation Dart pilot
Allegiance Wraith
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Jeffrey Robinson
First appearance "Duet"

The Wraith was a Dart pilot. He has been killed by Lt Col John Sheppard soon after his Dart has been shot down by the latter.


In 2004, the Wraith was among the ones who have been awaken after Major John Sheppard killed a Wraith caretaker. Since then all of them were culling planets for humans to feed on (SGA: "Rising", Part 2, "Duet").

Character's evolution

"Duet" (2005)

The Wraith flies a Dart on planet that has been recently culled and manages to cull Lt. Laura Cadman and Dr. Rodney McKay. But before he can reach the Stargate, the Dart is shot down by Lt Col John Sheppard and his team and crashes nearby. Dr. Carson Beckett approaches the damaged Dart which opens and reveals the badly wounded Wraith. Beckett's "Hippocratic soul" awakens and he tells the Wraith that he can help him, but Sheppard shoots him to death as he was trying to activate his self-destruct. Beckett protests as it seemed he was the only one able to pull McKay and Cadman out of the Wraith culling device.

Behind the scenes