O'Neill's lighter

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O'Neill's lighter
Skaara holds Jack O'Neill's lighter (Stargate).
Type Object
Place of origin Earth
Usage To light a cigarette, or reflect a light
Owner Skaara
Jack O'Neill (previously)
Current status Disappeared, lost or destroyed
Production information
Designer Tau'ri
Out of Universe information
First appearance Stargate
Wikipedia article
SKAARA O'Neill... your lighter? (he holds it to O'Neill)
O'NEILL No, it's yours, I gave that to you to keep. Remember?
SKAARA Thank you

Jack O'Neill's lighter is a lighter that has been given by O'Neill to Skaara on Abydos.


Jack O'Neill's lighter is a classic silver-colored Zippo lighter. It has a logo on one side (Stargate).


Stargate (1995)

Colonel Jack O'Neill (who smoked as this time) lights up several cigarettes with his lighter, until one day, he lights up and smoke a cigarette before Skaara, a native from Abydos. Skaara mimics him and uses the lighter to ignite the cigarette. O'Neill eventually offers him the lighter, and Skaara shows how it works to his friends. Nabeh touches the small lighter's flame and burns his fingers.

Before the termination of the First Abydos mission team survivors by Daniel Jackson, Skaara uses O'Neill's lighter to reflect the sun on Jackson's eyes.

"Children of the Gods" (1997)

When Skaara meets Jack O'Neill once again, he shows O'Neill's lighter and wants to give him back. O'Neill replies that the lighter belongs to him so he has to keep it. Daniel Jackson says to O'Neill that he kept the lighter on his sight all the time.


  • O'Neill's lighter has been manufactured by Zippo Manufacturing Company, as most of the US Army lighters.
  • This lighter has been lost or is disappeared, or may be it has been destroyed if Skaara managed to keep it until he was ascended.

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