Amulet with the Eye of Ra

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Amulet with the Eye of Ra
Type Object
Owner Catherine Langford (previously),
Daniel Jackson (present)
Out of Universe information
First appearance Stargate

The amulet with the Eye of Ra is an ancient Egyptian necklace found during the Giza archeological digging in 1928. Catherine Langford took and kept it since. After her death in 2004, Daniel Jackson inherited the necklace.[1]


The amulet is a golden medal representing the eye of Ra, symbol of the Goa'uld Suprem System Lord Ra. This medal is attached to a necklace.


Around 3,000 BC, when ancient Egyptians rebelled against Ra, the Stargate has been buried here under a large coverstone. The amulet is one of the different objects and artefacts that have been abandonned here and covered during the times.

In 1928, during the archeological digging led by Professor Langford at Giza, the amulet has been recovered, cleaned up and stored among the other archeological discoveries (Stargate).


Stargate (1928/1995)

1928, Giza archeological digging. A young Catherine Langford walks along the different tents where were stored all the artefacts found in the digging. She stops and takes a necklace, noticing the symbol representing the Eye of Ra. When her father calls her to come with him, she keeps the necklace with her.

1995. An old Catherine Langford is waiting for Daniel Jackson, wearing the amulet on her neck. Later, after Jackson's discovery and soon departure for the newly found planet, Catherine Langford gives Jackson the amulet, saying that it brought her luck. On the planet, the team discover a group of locals working in a mine. When one of them notices the amulet on Jackson, he says something that urge all the others to kneel before the team.

Later, when Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson are captured by Horus guards, they are brought before Ra who notices the necklace. Some time after, Ra threatens Earth by sending them a bomb enhanced by the mineral from the planet, snatches the necklace stating, "There can be only one Ra!"

When O'Neill uses the transportation rings to kill Anubis, Jackson takes this opportunity to grab the necklace from Ra and escape through the rings with Sha're. Later, when the mission is over and the team ready to come back home, Jackson asks O'Neill to give the amulet to Catherine and tell her that it brought him luck.



  1. The end of "Moebius", Part 2 is taking place around two weeks before Catherine's death and the alteration of the timeline. We suppose, even if there is no mention of it, that Catherine Langford still dies in the same way, the difference is they don't need to travel back in time as they already have the ZPM they first found on an illustration of Catherine's collection. So Daniel Jackson still received the necklace from Sabrina Gosling.