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Biographical information
Nickname "Mister Glass-is-half-empty"
Planet of origin Earth
Nationality American
Race Tau'ri
Species Human
Socio-political information
Occupation Military
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Allegiance US Air Force
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Robert Wisden
First appearance "Children of the Gods"
"Aw, come on, Samuels, let me be the cynic around here, okay?"
Colonel Jack O'Neill (SG1: "Children of the Gods")

Samuels is a US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel. After being Stargate Command XO in 1997 as a Major, later in the year he was reassigned to The Pentagon as Stargate mission analyst for Senator Kinsey. He also overseed the development of the "Goa'uld-buster" prototypes with Colonel Maybourne in area 51.


In 1997 Samuels was the General Hammond executive officer (SG1: "Children of the Gods").

Character's evolution

"Children of the Gods" (1997)

Major Samuels is mandated to bring the retired Colonel Jack O'Neill back to the Stargate Command. He arrives to Jack O'Neill's house by night with an officer. Finally, he finds him on a roof looking at the stars with his telescope. Not interested first, O'Neill is convinced when Samuel tells him it has to do with the Stargate.

In Stargate Command, Samuels assists General Hammond on questioning O'Neill about the previous Stargate mission in 1995. He gives ordrers to a Sergeant about putting O'Neill in the holding room, following Hammond's orders.

Samuels becomes pessimistic when O'Neill throw a Kleenex box through the Stargate to check if Daniel Jackson is still alive on Abydos. Samuels fears that the aliens plan an attack against Earth. He's on the ramp with Hammond when the box is returned empty, dusty, with the written message: "THANKS, SEND MORE."

Samuels seems upset with the sparring match between O'Neill and Captain Samantha Carter. He tells that for him, the best solution is to bury the Stargate as the Ancient Egyptians did before. O'Neill rebukes him as the aliens have spaceships and they can invade Earth in the "old fashioned way". O'Neill suggests that they use the Stargate to do reconnaissance missions before the alien decide to come back.

When O'Neill team comes back through the Stargate from Abydos after have being attacked, Samuels orders to close a brand new iris build on the Stargate.

Samuels is present during the briefing after the Goa'uld attack on Abydos. He receives a note from an airman and tells the audience that Major Ferretti, who has been badly injured during the attack, is conscious. Soon after, when the newly formed SG-1 and SG-2 teams prepare to go to the place found thanks to the symbols seen by Ferretti, Samuels reminds that saving Jackson's wife is a secondary objective. He also gives instructions about the code transmitter. When he tells Major Kawalsky that he wished to be part of the mission, Kawalsky says that he's kinda glad Samuels is staying behind.

Less than two hours before the deadline, Hammond ask Samuels about the radio transmissions through the iris when it's closed. Samuels says it could work, but they will not know about the true nature of the transmission (friend of foe). One hour later, he comes back to see Hammond. Hammond, upset, says that a lot can happen in one hour. When the deadline is reached, Samuels comes again to remind Hammond. After a minute, Hammond gives order to seal the gate and lock out the transmitters. As Samuels gets down the stairs to give orders, a wormhole establishes. He comes back to inform Hammond. Hammond asks him to belay his last orders.

When all the Chulak refugies are in the embarkation room, Samuels asks to clear the way for the medics. Later, when the situation is cleared, he asks the military to get the refugies situated.

Just after the Chulak events, he leaves Stargate Command for an unknown reason (SG1: "The Enemy Within"[1]).


Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, Samuels comes back to Stargate Command in order to set a hearing about Stargate missions with Senator Kinsey. He informs Hammond and SG-1 that Senator Kinsey took a great interest of the program but he didn't like too much what he has seen so far.

At the beginning of the hearing Kinsey tells O'Neill that Samuels has been completely non partisan. O'Neill says that's impossible since Samuels has been "against the program since day one." On Kinsey's request, Samuels gives a mission reports copy to O'Neill. Then he reads the differents reports.

Soon after Kinsey's decision to shutdown the Stargate program, Samuels tries to apologise to Hammond. Hammond rebukes him and asks him to get out of the base.

"The Serpent's Lair"

Samuels is reporting for duty at Stargate Command in coordination with The Pentagon. He's here to initiate a new weapon developed in Area 51 called by them "Goa'uld-buster" (Mark XII A nuclear warheads enhanced with Naquadah). Hammond is quite skeptical about this plan's efficiency.

After the President of the United States' approval, Samuels initiate the missiles launch. when the two missiles approache the two Ha'tak vessels, he express his victory but the missiles fail to destroy the Goa'uld spaceships. Failing on his mission he asks General Hammond to go to the Alpha Site. Hammond denies his demand and orders him to stay in the first line of defense with the men and women of the facility.

When SG-1 manage to destroy the two spaceships and saving the planet, Samuels leaves the SGC once again.[2]


According to Jack O'Neill, Samuels is pessimistic by nature, as he calls him "Mister Glass-is-half-empty". Samuels claims to be amazed at what the Stargate is: a technological marvel.


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  1. He doesn't appear anymore until "Politics".
  2. Again, Samuels disappears and this time, permanently. The Major Samuels who appears in "Moebius", Part 1 is part of an alternate timeline.