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A character from Stargate SG-1
Biographical information
Planet of origin Nox homeworld
Race Nox
Species Humanoid
Status Alive (in 1997)
Socio-political information
Allegiance Nox
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Addison Ridge
First appearance "The Nox"

Nafrayu is a young Nox, living with a small group in the middle of the Nox homeworld's nature.

Character's evolution

"The Nox" (1997)

After SG-1's revival, they come out the hut and find a small group of locals, mute. The young boy approaches Colonel Jack O'Neill who asks for their weapon, telling him that those "things" are dangerous. Yet before he can finish the sentence, the boy runs off.

Then the young boy approaches Captain Samantha Carter and, pointing his finger on his chest, introduces himself; Nafrayu. Carter introduces herself too, and O'Neill teases her about the kid.

Later, when O'Neill is making a bow and some arrows, Nafrayu asks O'Neill if that is a weapon. O'Neill tells that's effectively a weapon but he cannot have it. In the forest, O'Neill tries to shoot an arrow. Nafrayu run after the shot, remove the arrow from the tree, and advices him to blunt the stick so he can reach the higher fruits in the trees. Then Nafrayu tries with no success to understand the fact that O'Neill has to fight the Goa'uld. Then a visible fenri comes out from the trees, as he would try to attack them. O'Neill asks Nafrayu to run. Anteaus appears just after and tells O'Neill that he will not learns his ways to Nafrayu.

Later, SG-1 witnesses the ritual of life that Anteaus, Ohper and Nafrayu practise on Lya who has been hit by Shak'l. After her revival, Lya is brought in a hut by Ohper and Nafrayu.

In the forest, Nafrayu says to O'Neill that he would like to see a Goa'uld. O'Neill tells him that it's better to him to go with the other Nox. Nafrayu replies that they're far and disappears to the very eyes of O'Neill. Nafrayu is just before Apophis and introduces himself to him. Curious and visibly pleased, Apophis raises his hand and his Goa'uld hand device glows.

Lya discovers Nafrayu layed down in the forest. Anteaus takes Nafrayu and brings him back to the Nox camp. Anteaus, Lya and Ohper proceed the ritual of life while O'Neill, Carter, Teal'c and Daniel Jackson try to protect them from the Goa'uld.

Later, as SG-1 is ready to leave the planet, Nafrayu appears near Anteaus, wishing to say farwell to the team and that their weapons have been sent back through the Stargate. Soon after, they vanish.


  • Like the other Nox, Nafrayu is quickly able to understand and speak English.