Serpent guard (Children of the Gods I)

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Serpent guard
The dead body of the Serpent guard, laying down in the SGC infirmary.
Biographical information
Death 1997
Stargate Command embarkation room
Race Jaffa
Socio-political information
Occupation Serpent guard
Allegiance Apophis
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by an unknown actor
First appearance "Children of the Gods"

The Serpent guard was part of the Apophis faction. He was killed in 1997 by one of the guards in the Stargate Command embarkation room.

Character's evolution

"Children of the Gods" (1997)

A faction of Serpent guards under Apophis' command arrive by the Stargate inside the Stargate Command embarkation room. As the guards present here try to protect Senior Airman Weterings who is captured by one of them, Teal'c, Serpent guards open fire for an answer with their Goa'uld staff weapons. The Serpent guard is eventually killed by one of the airmen and falls.

Later, he is brought in the SGC infirmary for examination and may be an autopsy. Doctor MacKenzie started to examinate the Serpent guard bodies, noticing the belly pouch similar to the marsupial's ones. According to him, they're not human.


  • The Serpent guard's face is visible only when he is layed down dead in the SGC infirmary. When he was alive, his face was hidden by his helmet.
  • This Jaffa has a golden Goa'uld mark on his forehead. There is no logical explanation for this. Usually, a golden mark is the attribute for a First Prime (SG1: "Threshold"). This would be considered as a goof, and no more explanation would be given.

Behind the scenes

  • The extra portraying the Serpent guard is not known.

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