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Semantic Stargate Wiki uses descriptive terms to give names to technologies and other subjects which haven't been given a canonical name (that is, a name assigned officially through aired content from any Stargate movie or series).

Contributors are encouraged to use descriptive terms for important technologies, characters or events that have been sufficiently defined, but that are not ubiquitous or commonplace, such as "telephones." Contributors should create terms that match the function or the disposition or similar characteristic of the subject.

Articles that describe ordinary, mundane topics on Semantic Stargate Wiki (commonly nicknamed as "telephone articles" because of their obvious usage) are subject to speedy deletion.

Once a subject, character or item has an official term, the descriptive terms are retired and used as redirects.

The names of most battles, such as the Battle of the void, are descriptive terms as well unless the battle's name are named by a character in an episode. Normally battle articles for the series are named by a celestial object in the vicinity or a specific target.

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