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Sometimes when you are paranoid, the mysterious group known as "They" may actually be after you.

But take heart: They aren't after you, at least not here at Semantic Stargate Wiki.

The universe does not revolve around you

Semantic Stargate Wiki is not a forum or a soapbox. Editors should remember that their egos are not on the line while they are here at Semantic Stargate Wiki. Please remember that the majority of the editors are human and are prone to mistakes, errors, flared up emotions and stress. Editors should remember that the goal is encyclopedic information and should attempt to set aside their egos while they are here at Semantic Stargate Wiki.

While editors' points of view are certainly welcomed, please remember that Semantic Stargate Wiki has a neutral point of view policy with regards to writing articles. To that effect, editors should work with other editors despite their conflicting egos and points of view. Through collaboration and presentation of either a neutral point of view or all points of view article, Stargate Wiki helps to illustrate good information.

By remembering that the universe does not revolve around you, editors avoid disrupting Semantic Stargate Wiki to illustrate a point.

Online Communities and the Cabal

We only exist if you want us to.

A common complaint in online communities is that there are groups of users, usually longtime members of the community, who have all the power, make all the decisions, police the behavior of everyone else, and disclaim any responsibility for such actions—a cabal.

There is only a cabal if you want there to be one

When you start accusing everyone of being in on a conspiracy, you shouldn't be surprised if they decide to confirm your paranoia by banding together against you.[1]

Especially among your fellow editors and peers, there really is no cabal. A cabal works in secret and avoids claiming responsibility. Stargate Wiki's editors, as unlikeable and unfair as the ideas and actions of some may seem, cannot be accused of those failings. You can call those groups that are a little too cohesive and prominent for your taste a faction or an oligarchy, if you're into politics, or you could consider the possibility that they're only human, and have a tendency to stick together when confronted with hostility towards all of them. But if there is a cabal, only a conspiracy theory could confirm its existence.

Extreme Unction's first law: If enough people act independently towards the same goal, the end result is indistinguishable from a conspiracy.

It's much more productive to refute the arguments of the majority than implying they are wrong because it is the majority, or implying you are being repressed because it doesn't agree with you. If you attack people who oppose you as if they were a collective with an agenda against you, then whether they were or not, they will certainly become one. There is no cabal conspiring against you surrounding this or that article—unless you created it.

Semantic Stargate Wiki - No (ca)Bull

It is the overwhelming sentiment of the users at Semantic Stargate Wiki that normal business of the wiki is discussed and decided on the wiki's talk pages.


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