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A guideline is any page that is:

  1. Actionable (i.e. it recommends, or recommends against, an action to be taken by editors)
  2. Authorized by consensus. Guidelines are not set in stone and should be treated with common sense and the occasional exception.

Guidelines often define editing practices on Semantic Stargate Wiki, such as style and formatting.

Guidelines differ from Semantic Stargate Wiki policies, which are more official in nature and less likely to have exceptions.

Guidelines help define processes on Semantic Stargate Wiki, which tell editors what specific steps are needed to adhere to a convention, policy or other practice.

Amendments to a guideline should be discussed on its talk page, not on a new page — although it's generally acceptable to edit a guideline to improve it.

Disputes over the wording of a guideline are resolved by considering and discussing objections and counter-proposals and coming to agreement, often using compromise language; such a dispute does not "suspend" the guideline or "turn it into" something other than a guideline.

People are sometimes tempted to call a vote on a guideline, but this is a bad idea because voting can polarize the issues that a guideline is designed to meet. Often, a guideline is not a "yes" or "no" matter, so consensus must be used to handle the "gray" areas that a strict vote may not accomplish.

Pages that are guidelines are tagged at the top with - {{guideline navbar}}.

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