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This policy may be deprecated as all Stargate series are over now.


As an episode guide and encyclopedia (and to a lesser extent, a dictionary), this wiki may use information considered "spoilerific" in nature. This policy goes over the placement and verification of such information, as well as how the viewer can be forewarned when visiting an article containing such information.

Definition of a "Spoiler"

In fandom parlance, a "spoiler" is one or more pieces of information that may spoil the user's interest in an ongoing series, such as divulging future plot points or new facts about previously established characters.

To a new viewer of any Stargate series, everything is considered a spoiler. However, since this wiki exists as an information reference, we are not here to protect new viewers from information.

Therefore a spoiler is one or more pieces of information from an episode that has yet to air anywhere in the world, regardless of their perceived size or impact.

Thus this spoiler policy protects viewers familiar with the series who do not want to be exposed to information from episodes that have not had a first airing.

General Policy

This wiki recognizes that there are those who believe such information is detrimental to their viewing habits, while others are indifferent to being "spoiled" as it does not affect their habits either way. Therefore, the following measures are to be adhered to:

  1. Information on unaired episodes can be added to any article on this wiki, but shall be tagged with a spoiler warning message, as described below:
    • For articles completely relating to an unaired episode, the tag -- {{spoiler}} -- shall go on the first line of the article's text, before any other text and templates.
    • For articles containing a mix of information from aired and unaired episodes, spoiler information should be encased in the {{spoiltext}} template. For example, a person would enter: {{spoiltext|Your text here...}}. This will effectively "black out" this information to the casual viewer, allowing the viewer to select the text should he or she wish to be spoiled. {{spoilli}} does the same thing but it's used for list sections. For example, a person would enter: *{{spoilli|Your text here...}}. {{spoilinfo}} is used for infobox fields: {{spoilinfo|Your text here...}}.
    • All spoiler information must have a source, whether in the form of a URL or a printed publication text, on the talk page of the spoilerific article. For printed publication text, a copy must be scanned and uploaded to the wiki in the form of a JPG or PNG, and posted on the talk page of the article containing the spoilerific content.
    • Failure to follow the above procedure(s) shall result in removal of spoiler information. Should the behavior persist, consequences outlined further in this policy text shall be implemented.
  2. Information located on user or talk pages does not need to be tagged with {{spoiler}}. These are "neutral zones", though it is suggested that users keep in mind other users who may not feel the same way they do regarding spoilers when adding content to both talk and user pages.
  3. Once the episode has been aired—or is airing at the time of a user's editing—information revealed in that aired or airing episode can no longer be considered "spoilerific". This is regardless of whether or not the episode has yet to air anywhere else. (i.e. Episode 2.11 has aired in the United States, but not in England; just because it hasn't aired in England doesn't make the episode "spoilerific", as it has already aired in the U.S.)

Related Templates

  • {{spoiler}}: For use with pages that contain mostly spoilerific information.
  • {{spoiltext|text}}: For use with text that is spoilerific, but the page mostly contains information that is not spoilerific.
  • {{spoilerbelow}}: Same as {{spoiler}}, but tell the user that below this bar is when the spoiler starts.

Enforcement of Policy

Repeated failure to obey this policy will result in the user being warned on his or her talk page. Dismissal of the warnings may result in short-term or long-term banning, depending on the circumstances.

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