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A high traffic site is a website that is linking to the Stargate Wiki for explicit purposes of showing information. Articles are tagged on their page and talk page with the {{WWW High Traffic}} template. After traffic to the Semantic Stargate Wiki from the high traffic site has significantly diminished, most likely roughly a week after the link being featured, the small tag may be removed. Talk pages tags will remain to indicated that they have been heavily featured.

People who add this tag in attempt to gain more traffic for profit, could be blocked/warned for vandalism.

There are some high traffic sites that commonly link to Semantic Stargate Wiki and these sites should be excluded in this guideline. This site list is maintained by the Semantic Stargate Wiki administrators, however, if you feel a site should be excluded, suggest it in the talk page.

Possible Qualifications

  • Site has existing history of linking to Semantic Stargate Wiki
  • Links to Semantic Stargate Wiki are not featured prominently, and are unlikely to attract significant traffic.

Sites Excluded

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