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Check user is a user privilege assigned to users which allows them the ability to check the IP (Internet protocol) address of any user account. Users with Checkuser privilege are trusted members as they have access to private confidential information that would otherwise might compromise a user's ability to keep anonymity.

Why Checkuser?

Checkusers can see if there are people running two usernames under the same IP. Often this involves the detection of users who have created a new account after being blocked or banned from editing Stargate Wiki in the past. In the case of Requests for Adminship and similar votes to change user status, the checkuser tool may be used by bureaucrats to detect "sock puppets" (users who create multiple user accounts in attempt to "stuff" a ballot box in a vote or sway other consensus).

Use of IP Addresses

Checkusers will never release a user's IP address to anyone, except to specific authorities (such as an Internet Service Provider or law enforcement) that ask for the information. By law, if a valid request is received, Semantic Stargate Wiki bureaucrats are obligated to release the information. Depending on the circumstances, we may or may not be able to tell the user of this request.


Every use of the "Check User" feature is logged. If you suspect abuse of the checkuser tool, post a message on the administrators noticeboard, or email the wiki owner, LIMAFOX76, immediately.

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