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Semantic Stargate Wiki's contributors come from many aspects of what is known as fandom.

Like the Force, fandom binds a SF show, surrounds it, and keeps the interest about the show together.

Fandom is a subculture of people who show interest and camaraderie in the events of a TV show, book or other media. Often, the interest involves a SF series such as Star Trek or Stargate.

Semantic Stargate Wiki is an encyclopedia of officially-licensed works, canonical, semi-canonical, or non-canonical.

Semantic Stargate Wiki, however, is not a place for fandom to submit their own original stories about the Stargate universe, nor it is a place to host links to these places as a rule.

Contributors are also asked not to submit theirs or other's unsourced interpretations of the show as fact to articles on Stargate Wiki.

For more information about Semantic Stargate Wiki, see the policies listed in the navbox just below this article.

Fan fiction

Semantic Stargate Wiki is NOT a fan fiction resource or repository. Semantic Stargate Wiki articles contain only official information, which include aired episode content, comments from official sources such as the writers, directors, and production companies of the show, and speculation and information deduced and supported by aired content or official sources. For more information on what constitutes an "official source" for Semantic Stargate Wiki, see the Citation Jihad project page.

Semantic Stargate Wiki guidelines on non-canonical information restrict the creation of fan fiction-related articles. Administrators and other contributors may deem it necessary (as appropriate to wiki policy and guidelines) to redirect, move, or delete fan fiction articles that appear elsewhere in the wiki without notifying the original contributor.

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