Abydonian (Stargate)

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A character from Stargate
Biographical information
Planet of origin Abydos
Race Abydonian
Species Human
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by an unknown actor
First appearance Stargate

This unnamed Abydonian made a first encounter of the First Abydos mission team in 1995.


This Abydonian is a native from Abydos, who doesn't know the writing, yet he can recognize Ra's symbol (Stargate).

Character's evolution

Stargate (1995)

When Daniel Jackson tries to communicate with the people from the mineral extraction mine, the Abydonian notices the amulet with the Eye of Ra around Jackson's neck. Visibly scared, he shouts something to all his co-workers and all of them bow down before Jackson.

Behind the scenes

  • This character is played by an unknown actor.