Jaffa (The Nox I)

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Biographical information
Race Jaffa
Socio-political information
Occupations Serpent guard,
Personal guard of Apophis
Allegiance Apophis
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Zoran Vukelic
First appearance "The Nox"

The Jaffa was part of the personal guard who accompagnied Apophis in the seek of a Fenri, a supposed invisible flying animal, on the Nox homeworld.

Character's evolution

"The Nox" (1997)

The Jaffa, along with Shak'l and another Jaffa, are with Apophis in the seek of an animal capable of being invisible on the Nox homeworld. They are ambushed by SG-1, yet Apophis and the two Jaffa escape but Shak'l. They keep the search of SG-1 (all killed by Apophis minus Teal'c) who have disappeared before the very eyes of Apophis.

Later, during a revival ceremony processed by the Nox, SG-1 defend the position against Apophis. The Jaffa is ambushed by Teal'c who neutralizes him.

Later, Anteaus tells Colonel Jack O'Neill that he sent his enemy back through the Stargate.


  • According to Teal'c, this Jaffa is part of Apophis' personal guard.
  • The Jaffa's fate remains unknown. He has been neutralized by Teal'c, yet Anteaus said "no more killing" to SG-1. It may be possible that the Nox revived him before sending him back to his world, as Shak'l has been shot as well by Daniel Jackson during the second ambush but was seen alive later on Cartago (SG1: "Cor-ai").
  • This Jaffa has a golden Goa'uld mark on his forehead as well as Shak'l and the other Jaffa. There is no logical explanation for this. Usually, a golden mark is the attribute for a First Prime (SG1: "Threshold"). This would be considered as a goof, and no more explanation would be given.

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