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The purpose of this page is to help building a correct timeline for the Stargate episodes.

Main rule

Depending of the countries (and DVDs), some Stargate episodes have been switched when they aired. In Semantic Stargate Wiki, in order to put a timeline base, the order of Stargate episodes is determined by the first USA airing.


The movie has been released in USA on October 28, 2004, stating the events in "Present day". The first Chulak events in "Children of the Gods" occur on February 10, [1997] according to the mission report read by Senator Robert Kinsey in "Politics". During these first events, Major General George Hammond says to Jack O'Neill that the Abydos mission (the one of the movie) occured over a year before. As a recton, the movie events occur on autumn[1] 1995 in order to fit the Stargate SG-1 timeline.

Stargate SG-1

"Children of the Gods" has been aired on July 27, 1997. Senator Robert Kinsey, in "Politics", reads a mission report stating that the first Chulak events occured on February 10 [1997], actually the first days of the shooting of the series. In the same episode we learn that "The Broca Divide" events occured on "March of this year", and Ra was defeated "two years ago". In "The Nox", Swift states that the last Apollo moon mission was 25 years ago. The last moon mission occured in 1972 plus 25 years equals 1997. The episode copyright dates should be the reference, but there are some exceptions. If there is a cliffhanger, Event of the last(s) season's episode(s) occure the next year (with the exception of the Season 1). About Season 5 to 8, it was supposed to the the last for each of them, so there is no cliffhanger. So, here is the basis for the timeline.

Stargate Atlantis

Stargate Atlantis events occur after "New Order", Part 2, when Jack O'Neill is promoted Brigadier General in charge of Stargate Command, and Dr. Elizabeth Weir is in charge of the international scientific team working in the Antarctic Outpost in 2004. Therefore, the "Rising" events occur in 2004. The episode copyright dates on the ending credits should mark the timeline basis, yet, if there is a cliffhanger, events of the last(s) season episode(s) will occur the next year.

Stargate Universe

SGU events occur twelve years after "Children of the Gods" (SGU: "Air", Part 2), placing "Air" events in 2009. In "Gauntlet", Rush says to Eli that Eli has "come a long way from that video game slacker (Rush) discovered a year ago." About four months have passed between "Air", Part 1 and "Pain" (SGU: "All The Stages"). This means that the two seasons of SGU represent one whole year (and not two). It should give the following timeline:


  1. In the scene where US Air Force officers announce to Jack O'Neill thas he's been reintegrated to active duty, the US Air Force sedan parks in a suburb street with autumn leaves everywhere, guessing whe are in autumn.
  2. In "1969" Samantha Carter sets up the timeline roughly thirty years after 1969 (1999).
  3. In Season 3, the crystal skull found by Nick Ballard (1971) plus twenty nine years equals 2000.