Samantha Carter (There But For the Grace of God reality)

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This article is about the civilian astrophysicist of the "There But For the Grace of God"'s alternate reality. For the main Stargate franchise character, see Samantha Carter. For the other "Samantha Carters", see Samantha Carter (disambiguation).
Samantha Carter
This character is part of an alternate reality
Biographical information
Planet of origin Earth
Nationality American
Death 1997 by suicide
SGA briefing room
Race Tau'ri
Species Human
Information about family
Affair Jack O'Neill (fiancé deceased)
Socio-political information
Occupation Astrophysicist
Salutation Doctor
Allegiance SGA
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Amanda Tapping
First appearance "There But For the Grace of God"

Doctor Samantha Carter, Ph.D, was a civilian astrophysicist from an alternate reality who worked in an alternate Stargate program. While attempting to help Dr. Daniel Jackson to warn his own reality about an impending Goa'uld invasion, she sacrificed herself by blowing up a hand grenade, killing several Serpent guards in the process.


Doctor Samantha Carter's background is almost identical to the Samantha Carter from the main reality, yet there are some differences. First, she is a civilian, not a military. Secondly, she's engaged to Brigadier General Jack O'Neill (SG1: "There But For the Grace of God").

Character's evolution

"There But For the Grace of God" (1997)

Dr. Daniel Jackson seems to loose his mind. He's talking to Catherine Langford who wasn't supposed to be here (SG1: "The Torment of Tantalus"), and when he asks her to see Captain Samantha Carter, he learns that Samantha Carter is not in the military but a civilian doctor. When he finally meets her along with "Brigadier General" Jack O'Neill, Carter doesn't recognize him and reports to O'Neill that they have lost Washington and Philadelphia. When Daniel asks what they mean by "lost", O'Neill grants Carter to show him a big map with wide areas colored in red. Carter explains that those red dots represent actually destroyed cities. When Daniel later states this isn't happening, he asks Carter if there is a possibility that the Stargate malfunctioned and made him to come into a totally different screwed-up version of Earth. Carter replies that the Stargate cannot take somebody to an alternate reality. Catherine Langford suggest that it may be the mirror he found on P3R-233. A technician reports to Carter that they're receiving coded transmissions from Air Force One. Carter orders her to notify General O'Neill. Then she asks Catherine to brief the Genesis travelers.

Daniel tells Carter that the "him" from this reality must be dead. After Air Force One's eradication, Carter thinks that the huge spaceship heading to Cheyenne Mountain will blast them. Yet Daniel notices that they're landing on the mountain. When O'Neill orders evacuation through the gate, but Carter tells him that the enemies have been keeping a wormhole established from offworld. She thinks that the wormhole can be maintained around for half an hour.

Later, in the briefing room, Catherine and Carter make Daniel listen to a tape. Carter explains that they recorded this transmission three months ago from the same quadrant of space than P3R-233. Daniel translates the first part which says "Beware the destroyers. They come from...", and then listens a series of pulses. Carter analysed them, and divided them in six groups. Daniel recognizes a Stargate address without the point of origin, using a specific number per symbol to define the address. To find the point of origin, Daniel says he has the alien gate on a tape. When Catherines says the gate is off, Carter orders to dial the beta site, but unfortunately, somebody dials the Earth gate from offworld once again. Watching Daniel's videotape, Carter discovers another reality. Carter is astonished to see that parallel universes actually exist.

When Daniel finally convinces O'Neill to negotiate with the Teal'c of his reality, Carter hugs O'Neill and they embrace. They're engaged, unlike Daniel's reality counterparts.

Later, in the control room, Carter is able to time down the dialing sequence for five seconds. Colonel George Hammond suggests Carter to initiate the autodesctruction sequence, in order to disappoint the enemies. When Catherine starts to initiate a new dialing sequence, Carter reaches the briefing room to bring back the quantum mirror's remote control. But Serpent guards are present here. She tells them that she has information for Apophis, but when she gives them the remote control, she pulls out a hand grenade and pulls the pin. The grenade explodes killing them all in the process.


  • Unlike the Samantha Carter from the main reality, Dr. Samantha Carter is not military, therefore she has no issue with the military regulations to have a love relationship with Brigadier General Jack O'Neill and to be engaged with him (SG1: "Politics").
  • Unlike her main reality counterpart, Carter has long hair.
  • Despite the fact she's not a military, Carter knows how to use a hand grenade, which is a military weapon by excellence.

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