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This page gathers all incoherences found in all episodes and films from the Stargate franchise. To make it easier, each series will have a dedicated page. Updates shall be written in the dedicated page and not in the main article page.

Stargate, the movie

Stargate SG-1

Retroactive continuity

Season 1

"Children of the Gods"

  • Kawalsky's rank changes depending of his outfit; when he wearing combats fatigues, we can see "Captain" insignias, and when he is wearing his class A uniform, we can clearly see "Major" on the shoulders. He is called "Major" by General George Hammond.
  • Weterings states to the guards who are taking her to the Chulak palace implantation room and Teal'c that she is a Sergeant of the United States Air Force. However, at the beginning of the episode, we can clearly see "Senior Airman" insignias on her combat fatigues' sleeves.

"The Enemy Within"

Stargate Atlantis

Season 1

"Rising", Part 1 and "Rising", Part 2

Stargate Universe

Recurring incoherences

  • Factual error: In all ending credits he appears, Darren Becker is credited as "Private". However, according to his combat fatigues seen in "Air", Part 2, he is part of the US Air Force and should be ranked as "Airman", not "Private".
  • Factuel error: Whether it be the credits or the dialogues, Hunter Riley is ranked as Sergeant. However, his military outfit shows "Senior Airman" stripes on the shoulders.