Hala's black hole

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Hala's black hole
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Type Astronomy
Current status Active
Out of Universe information
First appearance "New Order", Part 1
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Hala's black hole is former sun. In 2004, Thor collapsed the sun into a black hole, in order to destroy the replicators.




"New Order", Part 1 (2004)

The cargo ship drops out of hyperspace into an empty part of space. Teal'c asks Samantha Carter if they should not be able to see the planet. The latter responds that yes. Suddently the ship shudders. Teal'c warns Carter that they are experiencing the effects of an extremely powerful gravitational force. Carter says that something's not right. She tells him to turn them around and get them out of there. Teal'c responds that Hyperspace generator will not engage and sublight engines are at maximum yet they are not moving. Carter says that there's only one thing she know of that could create this kind of gravitational pull. Teal'c looks at her. The cargo ship shudders with large accretion disc of a black hole behind it.

Carter checks the ship's back and tells Teal'c that they burned out the hyperdrive getting there. Teal'c says that is most unfortunate. Carter tells him that even if it was working, it would have been very dangerous to open a window that close to the event horizon of black hole. Teal'c asks if they are that far off course. Carter responds that no as they came out of hyperspace right where they were supposed to, but it doesn't make any sense as Hala's sun wasn't nearly massive enough to collapse into a black hole. Teal'c responds that yet it is what appears to be happening. Carter says she will see if she can get a little more out of sub-light engines and leaves.


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